Firstly, let me say thank you for visiting my website. A good website has always been high in my priorities since I started Pretty Little Personalised many years ago.

When I started Pretty Little Personalised, I started small. I wanted something to do to bring in some money after having my first child. With a lack of childcare options it had to be something from home.

I firstly started just offering prints and pumped all income into growing the business.

I soon built a website using a drag and drop builder. It’s very simple and i built an awesome looking website that I continually updated.

However as Pretty Little Personalised grew I was noticing more and more limitations.

I sell on multiple other platforms incuding Etsy, Ebay and Amazon and whilst I get a high volume of sales from these places, they do come at a cost.

I also wanted to build my own brand, to stand on my own two feet more and to widen my presence in the online market.

Whilst my previous website was ok for the ‘now’ it would have had limitations in the future. I didn’t want to pour my heart and soul into something that wouldn’t be forever.

I knew I didn’t have the skills nor time to build the sort of website that I would need so went on a hunt to find someone that suited my style and I felt I could work with.

After speaking to many people I was part of an online auction raising money for a great friend to many from the crafting world who sadly left us far too early.

The AMAZING Stacey from SLS Creative had very kindly donated a website build into the auction.

I had already bidded, but knew it would be popular and to save me forgetting to go on near the end and ensure I would win I set an alarm on my phone….. I was at a kids swimming party,   having a natter with the other parents and the bidding war started!!! It was tense and my heart was racing. I had a limit in my head i’d agreed on to myself and it went over this, just one more bid I kept saying to myself but was sucked in and bid several more times. Sadly I lost the auction. I was gutted!

I told myself it was meant to be and that I was meant to be saving money not spending it. Then a message popped up on my phone and she offered to make me a website for a donation that matched the winning bid. I snapped her hand off at the incredibly generous offer.

I am probably one of the most impatient people you will ever meet. When I want something I want it now. However like most amazing designers Stacey of course had a waiting list.
She set me a date of the week she would start. I counted down the days. The week she started I couldn’t help myself and did message Stacey to find out how long it would be…. No idea whether it would take days or weeks to get going. Stacey was amazing and kept me updated throughtout the process and before I knew it we had a gorgeous design and were on the final steps.

Whilst we were doing this Stacey also designed me a brand new logo. One that would match the colours of my new website and one that matched the style of where the business was now.

I was working hard adding all my products to my new website, however was thrown slightly off track with our current Coronavirus situation and suddenly having to become a teacher as well as mum and running a business. However I am getting into a much better routine and new products are being added daily to the website.

I am still finding it a complete and utter minefield trying to update just the smallest things on my website but I am slowly learning and can’t wait to become a pro!

Thank you for reading! I hope you love the website as much as me!

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