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  1. The story began when a friend of mine posted that she had just won an award from Theo Paphitis for her small business. Upon questioning her I learnt that Theo Paphitis had set up an initiative to help give small businesses a boost. Each week on a Sunday evening he would ask small businesses to Tweet him regarding their business. Then on a Monday Theo and his team look through the entries and choose their 6 favourites.

    Small Business Sunday, was started in October 2010 and to date has had over 370,000 entries. Less than one percent of applicants are successful! Some people trying for 2 years in the hope of being chosen.

  2. Good afternoon.

    Its a miserable day outside. Foggy, wet and just glum!

    Thankfully i'm staying in the warm, and after working hard on orders this morning, I am now on the sofa, under a blanket working on the website and new designs.

    2019 has been rather exciting so far. I've have launched a brand new range of greetings cards.
    Over the years I have often been asked to make personalised cards and sadly had to decline. I've brought one too many printers, tried far too many types of card and was simply never happy with the quality.
    Until I stumbled upon some gorgeous recycled card blanks. The card is simply stunning. It has a gorgeous texture to it. I love the fact that it is made from 100% recycled materials and they can be recycled again!
    This of course lead to the investment in a new printer (I still haven't admitted the cost of which to my husband, simply assured him it would be a worth while investment).

    I spent many hours, days, weeks and more working on many designs ready to launch and I am continuing to add in new designs daily. I love them and I can't wait to grow the range further.

    I have also released our enamel camping mugs. Again personalised of course. They're a perfect addition to any camping, fishing or festival trip. Or of course for hot chocoate at home!

    There is so much more to come in 2019, I can't quite keep up myself with all the exciting things!

    If you don't already follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see our latest products and designs first. Plus i'm planning on a few competitions so keep your eyes pealed!

    Stay warm everyone!