Christmas is fast approaching and November and December are usually my busiest two months of the year.

This year with extra family commitments I am more aware than ever of the lack of time I may have in the months leading up to Christmas.

Lets face it, Christmas is busy for everyone. There are a million school plays, performances, bake sales, carol concerts and you know full well that if you miss even one your kids will forever make you feel guilty for it. On top of that everyone thinks its a good idea to get together ‘before christmas’. Be it a school mums night out (which when you have 2 children means two ‘mums nights out’.) Then there are the family meals out, friends meals out, drinks and lunches. I never use my diary more than the lead up to Christmas.

Thankfully I love what I do and work never really seems like work in the same way it used to be when I worked for someone else.

As much as I love what I do, I still can’t magic time out of nowhere when working 18 hour days. With that in mind I have been in mode ‘Christmas Preparation’ in every possibly way.

After a couple of years, not sending Christmas cards due to lack of time, I have designed, printed and written all my Christmas cards, with a few extras ready for those surprise cards that inevitably turn up. They’re all in a box at the top of my wardrobe ready for when its acceptable to post them.

Another thing that I always leave until last minute is the teacher gifts. The last day of term, when there is usually an assembly and an early pick up I find myself scrabbling around making teacher presents that say thank you enough for putting up with my unruly children. These have also been carefully thought about, designed, printed and also placed in the box alongside the Christmas cards.

I have written meal plans and stocked up on some essentials for quick dinners for days when the time ticks away, and before I know it, its bed time and the kids are hanging round my ankles saying they’re hungry. Pasta and sauce has more health benefits than a happy meal right?
These quick and easy dinners have also been carefully thought out alongside what my 3rd child AKA my husband can cook.

I know lots of people bulk cook dinners and freeze them, but this never works for me because I forget to take them out of the freezer to be able to actually cook them!

Most of the children’s presents have been brought and i’m quite proud to say wrapped as well! I do make a list of what I have brought to try and eliminate my house rsembling a toy shop due to forgetting what i’ve already brought. However my favourite idea this year is that i’ve wrapped all their presents in pairs. I don’t spend identical amounts of money on each child, however I like their presents to be of equal value in their eyes.
So each time I have had a present for each of them, I have quickly wrapped it and hidden them away.

Lastly, I have been stocking up on business essentials. Ensuring I have plenty of business cards, boxes, packaging materials and as many other things that I can store.

After spending all this time preparing, I am now keeping everything crossed that Christmas is as busy as previous years and I haven’t jynxed myself into a quiet Christmas!

Wishing all my customers and anyone reading this a fabulous festive period!